YouTube Shorts Monetization and Revenue Sharing System Requirements

Credit: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket Via Getty Images. – YouTube ensures that videos uploaded to Shorts are monetizable.

The news that YouTube Shorts can be monetized was conveyed directly at the Made on YouTube event which was held in Los Angeles, California.

YouTube explained that it is currently expanding its monetization system to Shorts to increase the number and success of creators on its platform.

“We’re introducing a new way to appreciate creativity on our platform by expanding access to the YouTube Partner Program,” said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

With Shorts included in the monetization system, there are currently 11 ways creators can make money through YouTube.

“So now creators have a total of 11 ways to monetize on YouTube,” said YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan.

And this YouTube Shorts monetization system will also apply to all members of the YouTube Partner Program and new creators.

Even so, there are several conditions so that you can monetize videos on YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts Monetization Requirements

To be able to monetize YouTube Shorts videos, there are several requirements that must be met by creators.

Starting early 2023, creators focused on YouTube Shorts content are advised to apply for monetization first.

To be able to apply for monetization, YouTube provides rules where your channel must have 1,000 subscribers.

Then there are the 10 million views of Shorts videos watched in less than 90 days.

Later this YouTube partner will receive monetization in the format of short videos or long videos.

But don’t worry, YouTube also provides rules that make it easier for new creators.

Creators who want to monetize YouTube Shorts can follow lower monetization requirements.

Under this scheme, new creators will be given early access to certain Fan Funding features, such as Super Thanks, Super Stickers, Super Chat and Channel Subscriptions.

Then what about the YouTube Shorts profit sharing system?

YouTube Shorts Sharing System

In its official statement, YouTube said it would adopt a fixed funding system and rely on a unique sharing system for Shorts monetization.

YouTube will calculate revenue from advertising which will be totaled every month.

Creators will receive 45% of the total money allocated to them.

Then the results will be divided based on the contribution of each in the total number of YouYube Shorts views.

Revenue share figures are also adjusted according to whether the creator uses the music or not.

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