11 Ways to Become a Successful YouTuber for Beginners

How to Become a Successful Youtuber for Beginners. (photo/illustration)

Many people achieve success from YouTube, be it in the form of popularity or abundant income. Call it, Ryan Kaji, Jimmy Donaldson, and Dude Perfect. It seems that these three people really understand how to become YouTubers with millions of subscribers.

What’s the secret? Is there a way to become a successful YouTuber? You don’t need to worry, in this article we will fully review how to become a successful YouTuber for beginners.

  1. Choose a niche according to your interests and abilities
  2. Set goals to achieve
  3. Create a content idea plan
  4. Create a YouTube channel and account
  5. Prepare the tools to make videos
  6. Make a schedule for uploading videos to YouTube
  7. Content production and editing
  8. Promote YouTube videos
  9. Build Engagement with Audiences
  10. Optimization with YouTube SEO
  11. Analysis and evaluation

Let’s see a more complete explanation for each step above!

1. Choose a niche according to your interests and abilities

The first way to become a successful YouTuber is to choose a niche that fits your interests and abilities. Niche is a specific topic according to your target viewer. For example, music, gaming, and several other niches.

Choosing a niche will help you be productive. Because, you will enjoy the work so you can continue to produce creative content. What should be the niche you choose?

As a reference, here we provide some examples of YouTube niches.

  • Fashion (haul, try on, mix and match).
  • Music, usually contains cover video songs.
  • Gaming, discussing certain games that are currently busy.
  • Technology, such as reviews of cellphones, laptops, and others.
  • Beauty, usually featuring video content containing makeup reviews, makeup tutorials for various activities, and other beauty tips.
  • Education, usually contains academic and general knowledge, as well as other interesting facts.
  • Health, DIY, lifestyle, entertainment which contains daily vlogs, humor, and more.

2. Set the goals to be achieved

As a YouTuber, of course there must be goals to achieve. For example, you want to have lots of subscribers, lots of viewers, be able to monetize content, and so on. To achieve this goal, you can start by setting realistic targets.

For example, within 5 months, your YouTube channel subscribers must reach 5000 people. Or your YouTube video reaches 1000 viewers in 2 weeks, and other targets.

That way, you will be even more excited to create content and promote it, because there is ‘something’ you want to achieve.

If your target has not been reached, just think of it as evaluation material. Maybe something is missing from the promotion strategy, the content, the delivery of the message, or other aspects.

3. Planning content ideas

After you know the content niche, the next step is to plan what content ideas will be made. To help with the content planning process, you can do this by:

Recognize the target audience

  • Who will watch your video?
  • How old is she?
  • What type of work do they do?
  • Why are they watching your video?
  • What time do they usually watch?

And other questions that can help you determine your target audience. That way, it can make it easier for you to find out what kind of content the audience likes, how to deliver it, concepts, and promotion strategies.

See competitors

You can look at competitors with similar niches for ideas, then you can observe, imitate, and modify.

Copying does not mean you plagiarize other people’s content. But you can create content on the same topic, but from a different point of view.

Of course with better quality, more interesting concepts, and other modifications that make your videos something new.

Keyword research

Looking for ideas can also be done by researching keywords or looking at topics that are currently trending. You can use several tools to research keywords such as Google Trend, Ubersuggest, Semrush and others.

4. Create a YouTube channel

The next step to becoming a Youtuber is to create a YouTube channel. How to create a YouTube channel is very easy, you can use a Gmail account and connect it to YouTube.

You can use a channel name that is unique and easy to remember, such as the Gaming Channel, Mymusic Channel, and so on.

Apart from that, you also have to make your channel design as creative as possible so that it looks attractive. Use photos and banners that match the topic of your channel.

5. Prepare the tools to make videos

To make quality videos, of course you need some tools to help your work. You don’t have to invest in expensive or professional equipment at the start.

You can take advantage of existing tools, for example smartphones with good camera quality, editing apps, and microphones.

6. Make a schedule for uploading videos to YouTube

Having a schedule for uploading videos to YouTube can help you be more consistent and regular in producing videos.

Apart from that, viewers will also know when they will get new content from your YouTube channel.

Try to consistently upload new videos. Because if you don’t upload videos for a long time, your subscribers may leave your YouTube channel.

7. Content production & editing

This production process can be divided into 3 stages, namely pre-production, production, and post-production.

  • The pre-production stage consists of: determining ideas, making scripts, preparing equipment to take videos such as cameras, lighting, setting up venues, microphones, and others.
  • Production stage: the process of filming or shooting the video.
  • Post production stage: video editing and quality control. Ensuring video content is good for sharing, starting from audio, background music, footage, filters, and more.

8. Promote YouTube videos

Being a YouTuber, means you also have to be a marketer of your content. Content promotion can be done through social media that you have such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, WhatsApp groups, and close friends. Invite them to watch and share the YouTube video with other friends.

9. Build Engagement with Audiences

Promoting content is not easy, but you have to do it so that your YouTube channel grows and has lots of fans. You can also learn to use analytics tools to analyze the performance of your YouTube channel.

Viewers and subscribers mean more than just numbers. They are one of the keys to the success of your YouTube channel. Therefore, you must build engagement with your audience.

How to become a successful YouTuber with high engagement? Check out some of the following tips:

Maintain consistency

Consistency is needed to make your YouTube channel memorable. There are two types of consistency: theme and upload time. You must upload videos that fit your niche and characteristics. Also set a fixed upload schedule.

Engage the audience in content creation

Audiences play a huge role in the development of YouTube channels. Therefore, maximize features such as polls to find out audience input on your content. In addition, you can also collaborate with your audience to create content together.

Do live streaming

Broadcasting live on a YouTube channel will increase engagement with the audience. Because, the audience can provide comments directly. Not surprisingly, 80% of people like live streaming shows from their favorite channels

So, if you feel that your YouTube channel is not getting enough engagement, do live streaming occasionally. In fact, you can also do it regularly.

Respond to audience response

Responding to audience responses is effective enough to build engagement. For example, giving a like sign in a comment.

In this way, the audience will feel valued. This will encourage them to be more enthusiastic about commenting and interacting with other videos.

10. Optimization with YouTube SEO

Search Engine Optimization or YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing YouTube videos and channels to increase their rankings. With SEO, audiences can easily find your YouTube videos or channel on the YouTube search engine, Google, and other search engines.

Quoted from brightedge, here are some YouTube SEO optimization tips:

  • Optimize meta descriptions and video descriptions
  • Add CTA to promote your other YouTube videos
  • Keyword research to determine content ideas that are currently being sought by the audience
  • Enter keywords in several sections such as: title, thumbnail, description, transcript, link, CTA, and tags.

11. Analysis and evaluation

After you have gone through all the steps and the first video has been successfully uploaded, try observing from the first video.

Pay attention to how people react to your videos, see feedback or suggestions from viewers who commented, or ask your close friends for input.

See whether the target views, likes, and increase in the number of subscribers have been reached or not. After that, try to observe what needs to be fixed. Maybe in terms of editing, content delivery, or promotion.

After knowing the performance of your video, it will be easier to determine which video marketing strategies to keep running and which ones to evaluate. This is the key to how to become a successful YouTuber.

Your Turn To Be The Next Successful YouTuber!

You’ve learned how to become a successful YouTuber for beginners. It’s time to practice the steps we described above. Don’t forget to do it step by step, okay?

If your YouTube channel is already growing, make efforts to monetize it. Because YouTube allows you to earn money from the internet through this digital business. You can learn how to earn money from YouTube in our other articles.

Increasing the growth of the YouTube channel can not only be done through the YouTube application, but you can use the website to attract potential new subscribers or viewers and you can also sell products or merchandise on the website.

There are several YouTubers who can serve as examples, such as: Jerome Polin, Dude Perfect, and Neil Patel.

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