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Iqinews drama – The month of January 2023 has been buzzing with many exciting new Korean dramas. Some of these new dramas bring together love and comedy stories, ranging from “Crash Course in Romance” to “Kokdu: Season of Deity.”

Don’t miss the romantic Korean drama “Strangers Again” which aired mid-January 2023. Here is the synopsis of “Strangers Again,” the latest Korean drama starring Kang So Ra and Jang Seung Jo.


Synopsis of Korean drama Strangers Again 2023
Hangul남이 될 수 있을까
GenresComedy, Law, Romance, Drama
DirectorSon Jae Gon
ScreenwriterPark Jin Ri
NetworkENA, Genie TV
Release DateJanuary 18 - February 23, 2023
RuntimeWed. & Thur. 21:00

“Strangers Again” is about a talented female divorce lawyer named Oh Ha Ra. She excels in her job as she has also gone through a divorce. A man named Go Eun Beom, who was once her boyfriend and ex-husband, also works as a lawyer.

They coincidentally meet again as colleagues in a courtroom. From that moment on, Oh Ha Ra’s life experiences many unexpected events. Their professionalism as lawyers is tested when they face personal problems in the public eye.

Furthermore, they compete and clash for their careers. On the other hand, the drama also features two other lawyers who are close to the main characters. Will Oh Ha Ra and Go Eun Beom continue to clash or become a couple again?

Top Cast

Kang So Ra as Oh Ha Ra
Main Role
Jang Seung Jo as Goo Eun Beom
Main Role

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