Please Teach Me English Synopsis and Cast

Please Teach Me English synopsis and cast.

Please Teach Me English is a South Korean film with the theme of a woman’s desire to learn English. This film presents an inspiring and moving story, which shows how one can overcome adversity and achieve good results with hard work and determination.

The film stars Lee Na-young and Lee Beom-soo, who play the main characters named Lee Na-young and Park Chang-min. Let’s see how Lee Na-young and Park Chang-min learn English and find true love.


Storyline of the film Please Teach Me English
Also Known AsYeongeo Wanjeon Jeongbok
Release DateNov 5, 2003
GenresComedy, Romance
DirectorKim Sung Soo
ScreenwriterNoh Hye Young
CountrySouth Korea
Duration1 hr. 58 min.

Please Teach Me English tells of a woman named Lee Na-young (played by Lee Na-young) who works as a secretary and has great difficulty speaking English.

One day, she meets a young man named Park Chang-min (played by Lee Beom-soo) who works as an English teacher. Park Chang-min decided to help Lee Na-young learn English, and so they started having private classes together.

In the process of studying, Lee Na-young showed extraordinary abilities and impressed Park Chang-min. Besides, Lee Na-young also showed great interest in English, making Park Chang-min more and more interested in her.

However, Park Chang-min had personal problems and was forced to decide to move to the United States. Lee Na-young was not to be outdone and decided to study English seriously, because she wanted to meet Park Chang-min in the United States.

With the help of her friends, Lee Na-young managed to improve her ability to speak English and decided to go to the United States. There, she met Park Chang-min and they confessed their feelings for each other.

The film ends happily, because Lee Na-young and Park Chang-min are married and live happily together. This film teaches about the importance of learning a foreign language and shows how one can overcome difficulties and obtain good results with hard work and determination.

Entertaining and touching film

Please Teach Me English is an entertaining and touching film. This film features many comedic scenes that make the audience laugh, as well as heart-touching scenes. This film is highly recommended for those who want to learn English, or just want to watch an entertaining film.

In this film, the cast played their roles very well, especially Lee Na-Young who played the role of Jung-Jae, and Cho Min-Sik who played the role of Min-Gyu. Both of these actors managed to bring their characters very well, making the audience fixated and affected by the story being told.

Overall, Please Teach Me English is a film that must be watched. This film has a touching and entertaining story, and has a very good cast.


Jang HyukPark Moon Su
Lee Na YoungNa Young Ju
Kim Sun HwaMadam
Kim Young AeYoung Joo’s mother
Lee Chang HwanRichard
Moon Mi BongYoung Ju’s grandmother
Kang Yoon SungBar host
Kim Yong GunYoung Ju’s father
Hwang Geum ByulBetty
Jung Sang HoonYoung Ju’s brother
Jo Jae YoonManager Hong
Kim In MoonYoung Ju’s grandfather
Baek Ma RiJolly
Na Moon HeeMoon Su’s mother
Jung Suk YongTyson
Choi Joo BongCopper

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