List of KissAsian Sites Still Active in 2023

KissAsian is a site where drama fans can find the latest Asian dramas. Photo/KissAsian.

Iqinews drama – Do you like watching Asian dramas? If so, of course you have to know the list of sites to watch and download Asian dramas so that they are always updated.

There are various Asian drama streaming sites that offer free downloads, one of which is KissAsian.

In this article, we will discuss KissAsian, which is one of the favorite sites for drama lovers.

KissAsian doesn’t only offer the convenience of watching dramas or downloading. However, this site also offers a drama database that is quite complete, including Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas, Thai dramas, and movies.

What is KissAsian?

For fans of Korean dramas, the name “KissAsian” must be familiar to them. But for those who are new to watching Korean dramas, of course you have to know what KissAsian is and the excellent features it has to offer.

KissAsian is a site where drama fans can find the latest Asian dramas. KissAsian provides various shows such as movies, dramas, to variety shows, starting from South Korea, Thailand, Japan, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, and many more.

When accessing this site, you can find various ongoing and completed drama titles. You can watch everything on your cellphone or laptop for free without subscribing.

This website is of course very suitable for those of you who don’t want to miss the latest Korean drama updates or want to watch movies from other Asian countries that are currently viral.

New KissAsian Sites


There are many KissAsian sites on the internet which may confuse you, or even some of them may not be accessible.

So through this page we have summarized several KissAsian sites that are still active and can be accessed in 2023.

1. can be a good reference if you want to watch ongoing asian dramas. This site offers a wide selection of dramas, not only about love. You can find action, comedy, fantasy, history, horror, melodrama, romance and many more genres in school life. In fact, viewers can also request certain Asian dramas through the “Request” feature. also doesn’t make you confused the first time you access it. You just need to hover over one of the theater posters, it will redirect to the list of episodes of your selected drama.

You can also find a description or brief explanation of the film, including the synopsis, cast, and the number of people who saw the show. The front poster also has episodes, so you won’t be left out with the latest episodes.


When accessing this site, you will find a wide selection of the latest Asian dramas and currently airing episodes. On the right side of the website, there is a list of ongoing dramas.

Want to know what dramas are currently popular? This information is also displayed on The website display is relatively simple, so fans won’t be confused looking for their favorite drama.

If you want to watch old dramas, all you have to do is click the A-Z Index tab or you can search for it in the website’s search column.


On some internet networks, the site cannot be accessed, aka it is blocked. But you can still access it to watch or download dramas using a VPN service.

Not much different from the previous sites that we have discussed. This website also offers a wide selection of Asian dramas. In fact, there is a classification of shows based on the latest dramas, the latest Korean TV shows, and the latest movies. So viewers can choose their preference. You also won’t be confused with the episode update schedule, because everything is listed in the thumbnail.



KissAsian: Does it work safely?

According to our experience: This website is completely safe for streaming and downloading any drama series. So, you can watch and download movies freely without thinking about security risks. Also, you won’t find any virus, bug or malware issues that can damage or harm your device.

KissAsian Featured Features


KissAsian presents a number of features that make this website always loved by drama lovers. Then, what features does this site offer?

1. Stay updated

Want to watch the latest Korean dramas but have trouble finding a website that has a complete collection? Don’t worry! You can find Korean dramas and films that are currently viral on this website.

Not only Korean dramas, you can also find dramas and films from other Asian countries on KissAsian. Everything is available for free and you can watch whenever you feel bored!

2. English subtitles

The fun thing about watching Korean dramas on this site is the availability of English subtitles. Unlike most other similar sites, KissAsian has integrated subtitles into movies automatically.

You don’t need to bother downloading subtitles to be able to understand the stories presented on KissAsian. Because, all shows are equipped with English subtitles.

3. Highlights

One feature of KissAsian that is no less useful is that it provides highlights so you can see video clips from the shows you want to watch.

Apart from that, you can also see recommendations for movies, dramas, and variety shows that are currently airing, including the latest episodes that have just been released on the site’s main page.

4. Drama Request

Did you not find the drama you want to watch or download? No need to worry, because KissAsian has provided a request feature so fans can ask the admin to immediately present a drama with a certain title.

You can use this feature by registering as a member. You only need to create an account by filling in the username, email and password fields. After that, you can use the request drama feature.

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