List of DramaCool Sites You Can Access in 2023

DramaCool is a website providing Asian content worldwide, including movies, dramas, series and shows.

Iqinews drama – One of the free sites for watching and downloading Asian dramas is DramaCool. This site is very popular because it provides a list of the latest dramas that can be watched or downloaded for free. Dramacool provides a list of dramas such as Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Japanese, Thai, variety shows and movies.

As we know, in recent years, Asian dramas have become movies that everyone loves. In fact, many people who initially disliked watching Asian dramas have turned into loyal viewers.

The main reason Asian dramas are gaining more and more fans is because of their interesting storylines and their ability to make the audience connect emotionally. Audiences come from all ages and backgrounds, each with their own favorite themes and genres.

There are various free and paid streaming sites that you can access to watch Asian dramas, but in this article we will discuss the Dramacool site.

Dramacool: What is It?

DramaCool is a website providing Asian content worldwide, including movies, dramas, series and shows. The website is well managed so you won’t have any trouble finding any content, just select the category you want to view at the moment.

The best feature of DramaCool is that you can request dramas, movies and shows that you want to watch but can’t find on the website.

The developer will consider your request and upload it to the website as soon as possible. This website offers all the content in HD quality, which makes it a really amazing and attractive website.

Subtitles allow you to better understand what actors in movies, dramas and other videos are saying.

New Dramacool Sites

List of dramacool sites that are still active. Photo/Dramacool.

There are many sites with the name “DramaCool” scattered on the internet. Each of them has a different style and website design, but basically they provide a list of similar dramas or movies.

In the following, we have summarized several sites with the name Dramacool which you can access in 2023.


Through this site you can watch a variety of the latest and popular dramas such as 18 Again, Doctor Lawyer, Crash Landing on You, My Roommate is a Gumiho and many more.

The advantage of this site is that there are various server options so that users can choose the desired server before watching it. Meanwhile, the drawback is that there are ad popups that might disturb you when selecting dramas and streaming.


Almost the same as the previous site, on the main page you will be presented with various drama variants with the latest episodes. From the left side you will be presented with the latest ongoing drama. Meanwhile, on the main menu, you can select dramas or variety shows that have been updated.

The advantage of this site is that users can find out what dramas are currently popular. Meanwhile, the drawback is that it does not provide a download button that goes to the server. But if you use IDM on a laptop, then you can download it easily.


Another similar site is Dramacool updates new technologies regularly, so if an error occurs, users can first reload the page. This site also provides various server options including Asianload, Streamtape, Mixdrop and others.

The function of the many choices of the server itself is to make it easier for users. So that when server 1 experiences an error, the user can switch to another server.

The advantage of this site is that it has a large film database, including Korean, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Indian films. While the downside is that there are ad popups, they are common.



Dramacool: Does it work safely?

According to our experience: This website is completely safe for streaming and downloading any drama series. So, you can watch and download movies freely without thinking about security risks. Also, you won’t find any virus, bug or malware issues that can damage or harm your device.

Benefits of Watching Movies and Dramas

Benefits of watching movies and dramas.

Watching movies is an alternative entertainment that is often chosen when you feel tired or bored with routine. Especially now that there are many digital platforms available, from free to paid, that offer various film genres and can be watched anywhere via a cellphone.

Apart from relieving fatigue, watching movies can distract us temporarily from the hustle and bustle of the real world. There are also other positive benefits that we can get from watching movies, not just as entertainment which is sometimes considered a waste of time. Here are the positive benefits of watching movies that we can get.

1. Drive away stress

For some people, watching movies or dramas is their way of getting rid of the stress that comes with their daily work. based on research, watching movies can relieve stress because when watching our brains will release stress hormones and replace them with endorphins. This hormone has a function to make our emotional state more stable and happy.

2. Increasing social Awareness

Film is one of the communication media that has a major influence in shaping people’s mindset. In addition, film is a means to convey important messages to the public in an entertaining and fun way.

Many films are produced with the aim of raising social and environmental issues. The purpose of making a film with the theme of social issues is so that those who watch it become more sensitive and aware of the social issues around them.

3. Emotionally connected

Most of the time we must have seen that when a crying scene is played our mood automatically changes to sadness and tears. It’s the same with happy scenes, we become happy when we see happy characters in movies or dramas.

4. Entertain yourself

It’s best if you rest at night after a day of work and watch Korean dramas or movies to get rid of your boredom. Happy and funny scenes in movies and dramas will relax your body.

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