How to View Spotify Wrapped 2022 and Share It

Spotify Wrapped is a summary or flashback of user experience when using Spotify throughout 2022. (photo/illustration)

Digital music streaming app Spotify has launched its Spotify Wrapped 2022 campaign again.

Spotify users are flooding social media with their Spotify Wrapped 2022 content.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is an annual feature issued by the streaming platform Spotify since 2016.

This feature has always been eagerly awaited by Spotify’s active users.

Spotify Wrapped is part of the Spotify campaign which is released every December to display a compilation or summary of user activity for one year.

From this summary, users can find out what songs they often listen to, the artists they listen to the most, what music listeners are like, and the total time they listen to music for a year through Spotify.

These results can then be shared on social media platforms for display.

This year, Spotify added a personality that describes the user’s character when listening to music.

This data is similar to the Myers-Briggs MBTI personality.

Data about the personality of music listeners is one of the most frequently uploaded content by users on social media.

From this data, users seem to get an assessment of how their personality is when browsing music on the Spotify platform.

How to view Spotify Wrapped 2022

How to view Spotify Wrapped 2022.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your Spotify account.
  • Go to
  • After that, you’ll be able to see all of your Spotify stats from the past year, as well as some interesting facts and figures about your taste in music.

How to make Spotify Wrapped 2022

  • Open the Spotify app on the phone.
  • Click the “Search” menu
  • Select the Spotify Wrapped 2022 or Flashback 2022 option. This option will appear on all user accounts, both premium and free accounts.
  • Press the “Your Wrapped is Here” option
  • After that, a carousel or collection of storyboards will appear which contains a summary of the user’s activities while using Spotify.
  • In the carousel, users can see lists of songs that are frequently played, top artists, preferred music genres, to the total time listening to music for a year.
  • A scrolling carousel accompanied by users’ favorite songs on Spotify.

How to share Spotify Wrapped 2022 to social media

  • After creating Spotify Wrapped like the method above, users will be presented with a carousel of data from Spotify.
  • In each board that is presented there is a “Share” option to share it on social media.
  • From these options, users can share them on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

An easier way to find out about Spotify Wrapped 2022 is to check the email registered with your Spotify account.

You can simply click on the email containing the carousel and share it on your respective social media.

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