How To Make WhatsApp Stickers with Your Own Avatar

How to make WhatsApp stickers with your own avatar – WhatsApp’s new feature (WA) called “avatar” has been officially released and can be tried by some WA users around the world. The WhatsApp avatar is more or less similar to the avatar feature that first appeared on Instagram, namely in the form of animated characters that can represent the user’s identity on WhatsApp.

So, WhatsApp users can create and modify avatars according to their own style and appearance.

For example, modifying characters with curly or straight hair, skin colors that are tailored to the user’s self such as light brown, and combining clothes according to the user’s style.

Interestingly, avatars on WhatsApp can be used as WA stickers. So, WA stickers can feel more personal. How do you make WA stickers with your own WhatsApp avatar?

Before making it a WA sticker, users must first create a WhatsApp avatar which can be done on an Android smartphone or iPhone. Here’s how.

How to make a WhatsApp avatar on a cell phone

How to make WA stickers with WhatsApp avatars on Android phones.
  • Open the “Settings” or “Settings” menu in the WhatsApp application.
  • Then, select the “Avatar” menu and start creating the WhatsApp avatar as you wish.
  • Set skin color, face shape, eye shape, eyebrow shape, and clothing style. If needed too, add accessories to the eyes, ears, and head.
  • After finishing creating the WhatsApp avatar, please click the “Save” option.
  • Wait a few moments for the animated character created to be successfully added to WhatsApp.
  • After being added, now the WhatsApp avatar will automatically be available in the form of a sticker and can be used as a profile photo.

How to make WA stickers with your own WhatsApp avatar

How to send WA stickers with your own avatar
  • Open a chat room on WhatsApp, can be group or private.
  • Then, start a conversation and tap on the emoji icon.
  • Next, select the “Avatar” icon that resembles a human face. It’s on the far right, lined up with the emoji, GIF, and sticker icons.
  • Choose the WA sticker from the WhatsApp avatar that you made before.

How to share WA stickers with WhatsApp avatars

Users can also send WA sticker packages in the form of their own avatars to other contacts in the following way:

  • Click the plus (+) icon on the far right
  • Select “Meta avatars”
  • Click the arrow to the right in the right corner
  • Select the contact you want to send the avatar to.

How to edit WhatsApp avatar

This WhatsApp avatar can be changed at any time by the user. How to edit WhatsApp avatar is as follows:

  • Go to settings
  • Click Avatars
  • Click on the pencil icon to the right of the image to edit the WhatsApp avatar
  • Change WhatsApp avatar as you wish
  • Click “done” when editing is complete
  • WhatsApp avatar changes will automatically be saved as WA stickers

So far, WhatsApp has only provided the WA sticker option with a static avatar. This means that there is no option to make WA stickers with animated WhatsApp avatars that can move.

Apart from stickers, WhatsApp avatars can also be used as profile photos. How to use WhatsApp avatars for profile photos can be seen in our next article.

Because it’s still a new feature, it’s possible that this feature hasn’t been evenly accepted by WhatsApp users.

iQinews has got the WhatsApp avatar feature in the WhatsApp application version and version on the Android platform. Meanwhile for iOS, this feature is available on WhatsApp version 22.23.77.

If you haven’t got the WhatsApp avatar feature yet, it’s a good idea to update the app version on the Play Store or iOS first. Have fun trying to make WA stickers with your own avatar!

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