How to Delete or Logout a Gmail Account from an Android Phone

How to Delete or Logout a Gmail Account from an Android Phone – Android phone users usually have at least one Gmail account. This is because when using an Android phone, users need to synchronize their device with their Gmail account.

However, due to several reasons, such as maybe wanting to change phones or due to security issues, someone needs to log out their Gmail account from their Android phone.

So, how do you log out of Gmail from an Android phone?

Here’s how to log out of a Gmail account from an Android phone, as quoted from the official page:

  • Open your Android phone or tablet, then open the Gmail app
  • At the top right, tap the profile photo
  • Tap “Manage accounts on this device”
  • Choose your account
  • At the bottom click “Delete Account”

When deleting a Gmail account on a cellphone in this way, the account will be removed from all mobile device applications.

Thus your phone is not signed in to any Google product like Maps or Youtube.

However, on some phones there is an option to select only certain applications whose Gmail account you want to log out of.

For information, deleting an account from this phone will not delete the account itself. You can still use the account on another computer or device.

How to logout gmail in Chrome

You can also log out of the Gmail account on the mobile Chrome browser that is being used.

Here’s how to log out of a Gmail account on a Google Chrome cellphone, as quoted from Google’s official page:

  • Open the Chrome app on your phone
  • To the right of the URL field, tap more or the three dot icon
  • Then click “Settings”
  • Then select the email that you want to logout
  • Tap “Logout”

How to logout a remote Gmail account

You can also log out of your Gmail account remotely.

This method is useful, for example in a situation when you suddenly lose your device and don’t want anyone else to access your account.

The way to log out of a Gmail account from another device can be done via a PC. Here’s how:

  • Open in a browser
  • Click the “Security” menu
  • In the “Device” option, select the device you want to log out of
  • Then click the dot icon on the selected device
  • Click “logout” and again select “logout” as confirmation

Adding a new Gmail account on the device

If you’ve logged out and you want to go back to adding a new Gmail account, then here’s how:

  • Set up your Gmail account
  • Go to “Settings” on the device.
  • Tap on “Accounts” then,”Add account” then click on “Google”
  • Follow the prompts to add an account.
  • If needed, repeat the steps above to add multiple accounts.

Adding a Google account on a device is important because it’s needed for a lot of things. One of them is to buy items on the Google Play Store.

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