How to Create a Gmail Account via Mobile, Easy and Simple

How to Create a Gmail Account via Mobile, Easy and Simple – Gmail is Google’s e-mail service. Having an e-mail address is important nowadays.

Because an e-mail address is a requirement for registering a number of social media accounts, so that it is connected to an Android phone.

In addition, the main function of e-mail is to send messages via the internet.

Among the many existing email provider services, Gmail is currently one of the most popular. Gmail offers a lot of convenience in sending messages and security that is guaranteed.

This Gmail account is also the same as a Google account, that is, you will automatically connect to other Google services such as when creating a blogspot, Youtube, Google Play, Google Drive, and others.

How to create a Gmail account on mobile

Illustration of How to create a Gmail account on mobile.

One of the email addresses that many people use is Gmail. Users can access Gmail in the form of HTTPS web mail, POP3 or IMAP4 protocols.

Here’s how to create a Gmail account from a cellphone, as quoted from the official page:

  • First of all open the page to create a Google account on the mobile browser via the following link:
  • Then click “Create Account”
  • Enter your name
  • Then in the “Username” section, enter the email name you want to create and leave the address “”
  • Enter and confirm the password
  • Click “Next” to add and verify a phone number (optional)
  • Click “Next” then the Gmail email has been created.

As for another way to create a Gmail email on an Android phone, or iOS, the method is as follows:

  • Go to device “Settings”.
  • Select “Account”
  • On iOS, these settings are in the “Mail” options
  • Then tap “Add account”
  • Select “Google”
  • Select “Create Account”
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions and enter your information
  • Tap the “I Agree” button to create your Google account.

Tips for creating a Gmail account

Tips when creating a Gmail account, then enter your password on your cellphone by entering a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

When you create a Google Account, you will be asked for personal information.

We recommend that you provide accurate information to make it easier for Google to maintain account security.

When you can’t get the Gmail address you want, it’s probably:

  • Already used
  • Very similar to an existing username (for example, if exampl[email protected] already exists, you cannot use [email protected]).
  • Just like a username someone used in the past and then deleted.
  • Reserved by Google to prevent spam or abuse.

Benefits of Using a Gmail Account

illustrations of all Google products.

You’ve learned how to sign up for Gmail. Easy enough right? However, the advantages of Gmail are not only convenience. Here are some of the benefits of using a Gmail account:

1. Can be used on multiple devices

Gmail is a multiplatform service. This means that it can be used on various devices properly. Starting from use on desktops to mobile devices. Regardless of the browser.

Gmail also supports multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and others. Synchronization between devices can also run well.

This will certainly help those of you who have more than one device to access the internet. So, you can send an email from your desktop and then receive a reply via your mobile phone. Practical, right?

2. Large enough storage capacity

Gmail provides a fairly large storage service, which is 15GB. This amount is enough for regular email activity.

Not only does it provide a large storage capacity. Gmail makes it easy for you to manage storage. The trick is to simply look at your storage capacity online.

3. Safer from Virus Attacks

Computer viruses often spread through e-mail, especially from included attachments. Protection from virus attacks is needed to avoid unwanted consequences.

Gmail is a platform that has a high level of security. Every email that will be sent/received by the user will be scanned automatically. If found, a “Virus Detected” notification will appear.

Thus, your activities in sending e-mails are more comfortable. For businesses, your reputation can be tarnished if you send emails to customers that contain viruses.

4. Able to Prevent Spam Well

Not only viruses, Gmail is able to manage spam well. According to data, the success rate is as high as 99.9%!

You don’t even have to worry about lots of emails flooding your inbox. This is because any email that is considered spam will be automatically directed to the spam folder.

5. Easily Connect with Google Services

Using a Gmail account, you can connect to other services. From your main Gmail page, you can easily access various services ranging from Google Calendar, Tasks, Notes to Hangouts.

In addition, without switching pages, you can access all Google services using the same and synchronized Google account.

6. Accepted by Various Services

You can use your Gmail account to access various services from third parties. Starting from business platforms like Trello, to marketplaces.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, you will be asked to fill in complete registration data. However, by using a Gmail account, simply by filling in your username and password, you can fully access the service.

7. Easy Customization

By default, Gmail is comfortable to use, even for beginners though. However, you can make various customizations according to your needs. Starting from the display to other special functions.

For example, you can change the layout of your inbox. It is enough to click on the inbox menu and choose how the inbox will be displayed.

Apart from that, you can also change the appearance of your inbox. The trick, click the Settings menu, and specify the theme of your choice then Save.

Use Gmail for business

Google on its official website explains that if you want to use Gmail for a business email address, then Google has a better Google Workplace than personal Google.

The Google Workplace subscription is 6 dollars per user per month.

Google Workplace provides services:

  • A professional, ad-free Gmail account using the company’s domain name, [email protected].
  • Ownership of employee accounts so you’re always in control of company accounts, email, and files.
  • 24/7 phone, email and chat support from real people.
  • Improved Gmail and Google Drive storage.
  • Mobile device management to keep data secure You, like the ability to remotely wipe a lost device.
  • Advanced security and administrative controls

So, that’s how to easily and simply create a Gmail account via cellphone. You just follow the steps and guidelines.

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