Forgot Gmail Password? Do These 4 Ways to Recover Account

4 ways to deal with forgotten Gmail passwords. – If you forgot your Gmail password, you don’t need to panic. There are several ways you can do so you can log into the account.

Gmail is something that is important for everyone to have. The features provided are able to support the needs of work, school, and others. In addition, email is also an access for you to log in to social media accounts, game accounts, and others.

Typically, Gmail passwords are a unique combination of letters, numbers, and other symbols. Try to make your password as unique as possible so that it is not easily hacked by someone who wants to access your account.

However, in making the password, some people forgot what they had written down. The problem of forgetting your email account password can actually happen to anyone, so you don’t need to worry if this happens.

Here are some ways you can easily overcome forgotten Gmail passwords.

1. Using recovery email

If you forget your Gmail password, you can recover your Gmail password using the recovery email address.

When you first register, Gmail will usually ask you to fill out a recovery email. Here are some steps you can take:

4 ways to deal with forgotten Gmail passwords.
  • Enter your forgot password email address on the login page
  • Click Forgot Password at the bottom
  • Gmail will send a verification code to the recovery email address registered with the account
  • Enter the verification code that was sent
  • Create a new password
  • Then, click Save Password
  • You can log into your Gmail account using the new password.

2. Using another device

If you don’t include a recovery email or forget your recovery email address, you can ask for help using another device that is active and connected to your Gmail account.

  • Enter your forgot password email address on the login page
  • Click Forgot Password
  • Click Try Another Way
  • Then, select the device that is connected to the Gmail account
  • Select the Settings menu and click Google
  • Select the Gmail account that forgot the password and click Manage your Google Account
  • Click Security
  • Select sign in to Google. Then, click Security Code
  • You’ll get the security code used to login to Gmail
  • Enter the code, then reset the password.

3. Using the recovery number

You can also overcome forgotten Gmail password by going through the recovery number. The way is as follows:

  • Enter your email address on the login page
  • Click Forgot Password
  • Click Try Another Way
  • If you have a number that has been registered with Gmail, you will get a verification code via SMS or telephone
  • Enter the code in the column provided
  • You will be asked to create a new password and log in with that password.

4. Using a bluetooth signal

Maybe this method is rarely done, but it can help to restore your Gmail account. You must use two different devices.

For example, you are trying to restore Gmail via computer, then you must have the phone connected to your Gmail account too. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Enable bluetooth on both devices
  • Sign in to the Gmail login page on the device. Click the Continue option
  • Google will carry out the verification process
  • If the process is successful, you will get a notification from Google on your phone
  • Click Yes
  • You can automatically log in to your Gmail account and reset your password.

If the recovery doesn’t work

If you are having difficulty regaining access to your Gmail account and have tried to recover your account but have not been successful, then here are some tips you can do:

1. Answer as many questions as possible

Try not to miss the questions given.

If you are not sure about the answer, try to guess the best answer instead of moving on to another question.

2. Use familiar devices and locations

If possible then:

  • Use a frequently used computer, phone or tablet to sign in
  • Use the same browser as Chrome or Safari that you normally use
  • Be in a location where it is normally entered such as your home or workplace

3. Pay attention to the important details of the password and the answers to the security questions

When entering the password, pay attention to the use of uppercase and lowercase letters in as much detail as possible.

If you don’t remember your last password, use a previous password that you remember.

The newer it is, the better the update.

When asked a security question and you can’t remember the answer, take your best guess.

If you know the answer but you still can’t recover your account on the first try then consider varying your answer.

So try to write “NY” instead of “New York” or “Phil” instead of “Philip”.

4. Enter the email linked to the account

When attempting to recover the password, and prompted to enter a recovery email, enter the email linked to the account.

Where did you add the email to your account?

The recovery email address will be helpful for logging back in and is the place to send security notifications.

5. Provide detail information

When you are asked about why you cannot access your account, it is best to provide as much detailed information as possible.


  • You’re on the move.
  • You get a certain error message.
  • You think your account has been compromised due to malware or other reasons.
  • You changed your password last week and can’t remember it.

When the answer descriptions match the information you have, the similarity will help your case.

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