9 Ways to Add Instagram Followers for Free, Organic and Safely!

How to Add Instagram Followers for Free, Fast, Organic and Safe!

iQinews.com – Instagram is one of the social media platforms which is the first stepping stone for various kinds of brands on the internet.

Where through this platform, a brand can increase their sales and build interactions with the consumers they have.

This is proven by the opportunity to build a business with a presence on Instagram and the fact that most Instagram users are controlled by business accounts and continue to grow to this day.

But unfortunately, building an existence on Instagram is definitely not easy. What’s more, the number of competitors who are quite influential and have lots of followers on Instagram also helped enliven the world of Instagram and dominate the market.

Therefore, it is important for creators or business owners to study and sharpen your Instagram marketing strategy with the aim of organically increasing Instagram followers.

How to Add Instagram Followers for Free

9 Ways to Add Instagram Followers for Free, Organic and Safely!

Want to have lots of followers on Instagram? You can try how to add free IG followers without the need to use bots.

If you know the right way, then you can have active followers or genuine accounts which are certainly good for increasing your account engagement.

Having lots of followers on a business account or personal account is certainly very important. This can increase the level of trust in your account.

Many use the instant method by buying followers, but you should not do that. You can do how to add free IG followers below:

1. Use the Right Hashtags

Uploading interesting and relevant content is one of the main keys to increasing followers. Using hashtags in posts will make it easier for people to find your content.

Then what hashtags should be used? Like the Twitter application and other social media platforms, Instagram also has certain hashtags.

If you use popular hashtags in your content posts, it will also be more likely that these posts will be found and reach many new users.

As an initial step, you can use online tools such as IconoSquare or Webstagram.

You can experiment with different keywords to find the best fit. But keep in mind that you can only use a maximum of 30 hashtags in one post.

2. Follow New Account on Instagram

The next way you can do to get followers on Instagram is to follow new accounts on Instagram.

Usually these new accounts will follow artists or celebrities who have a lot of followers because the application recommended them when they first created an IG account.

Then the new account will usually immediately follow your account if you start following it on Instagram.

To be able to start this method, you can look for Instagram accounts of artists, celebrities, or public figures who have lots of followers on IG.

Then open the account and click on the followers or followers section. New followers will usually be at the very top. After that, click follow on the new accounts.

However, you should not be too quick to do this method, so you don’t get penalized by Instagram. Just follow a maximum of 5 to 10 accounts with a break of about 10 minutes and then continue following other new accounts.

If you don’t want to increase following on your account, then you can unfollow accounts that you have followed before.

3. Post Content During Crowded Hours

The most recommended way to add free IG followers is to create lots of content. However, this method is quite difficult to do.

Because posting more content will definitely require creativity, time, and hard work. So that people are interested in following your IG account, the content that you have to display is content that is interesting and well-conceived.

In addition, so that your posting content can bring in lots of likes and followers, you should do it consistently.

Plan each content that will be posted, for example, post photos on the feed 3 times a week. Then post a story at least once a day.

4. Take advantage of the Location Tag Feature When Posting Content

So that the content you post is found by many Instagram users, you can take advantage of the location tag feature.

The way this feature works is by grouping posts based on the same location. So, if another user sees a certain location, then your post can also potentially be seen by that user.

You also need to adjust the location feature appropriately, because you can only use one location tag in one post.

Make sure that the places you tag match the content you upload. In this way, people who are interested in that location have the potential to see and follow your account.

5. Optimization of Instagram Bio

When you open an Instagram account for the first time, of course you will be asked to fill in your Instagram bio which contains your username and some other information.

Even though at first it looks quite difficult to fill in the appropriate information, later optimizing your Instagram bio can help you increase your Instagram followers.

This is because the optimization of the Instagram algorithm will help its users to more easily find your account when looking for certain topics on the search page.

Apart from that, complete information will also add value to your IG account, so that people will be more interested in following the IG account that you are developing.

Without an Instagram bio, photo captions, appropriate usernames, and profile photos, how will people know that your IG account is real and by developing a brand?

6. Use of Website Columns

The use of a more complete IG profile can also be the foundation for your brand identity, especially when added with certain links that can bring the audience to the marketplace or website pages that sell the products you are developing.

This one strategy is often used by IG accounts of well-known brands which include links containing social media accounts that consumers can access along with telephone numbers that can be contacted if they want to make a transaction.

By linking social media accounts or websites on your Instagram profile, it will help increase the amount of website traffic, so that it will open up opportunities to learn about and then buy the products you sell.

However, if you don’t like adding links to your IG profile, then you can add a campaign or tagline that you use to tell your audience about the characteristics you have.

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